BST and ACT Policies

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General ACT Student Policies include:

  • Admission Policy - English Language Proficiency
  • Conferral Policy
  • Prior Learning Policy
  • Cross Institutional Enrolment-Studies Policy
  • Senescence in Course Credit
  • Variation of Enrolment Policy
  • Progression and Intervention Policy
  • Special Leave Policy
  • Criteria for Awarding Honours Grades
  • Posthumous and Major Disability Awards Policy
  • Credit Transfer Rules
  • Certification for major projects
  • Grievance Resolution Policy for Domestic Students
  • Academic Misconduct Policy
  • Critical Incident Policy
  • Late Penalties Policy
  • Non-Discriminatory Language Policy
  • Statement of Tuition Assurance
  • Bibliographies Policy
  • Directed Study Contract Mode Policy
  • Field Work Policy
  • Intensive Mode Guidelines
  • Non award studies
  • Pools rule
  • Take-Home Exam Guidelines
  • Quality Management Policy
  • Moderation Policy
  • Moderation Procedure
  • Extensions Policy
  • Community Engagement Policy
  • Exam Computer Use Guidelines
  • Learning Outcomes Principles

Special ACT Policies for Overseas Students include:

  • Grievance Resolution Policy for Overseas Students
  • Refund Policy for Overseas Students
  • Overseas Students Release and Transfer Policy
  • Course Credit Procedure for Overseas Students
  • Overseas Student Extension, Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy
  • Course Progress and Completion within Expected Course of Study Policy for Overseas Students
Please follow this link ( to view all ACT Policies.